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corner.gif (929 bytes)Boo!Welcome to ISBW.....HAVE FUN!

Can you handle this stuff or will you run screaming to your mommy?
Either way you should have fun creeping through the following scary websites

new.gif (1227 bytes) Seven Paranormal Research Investigation team working with ghosts, hauntings
WZ.com Create your own funeral arrangement online
Mind Control Everything you wanted to know about alien mind control but were afraid to ask
Plastination A human body preservation process....yuck
Mothership Aliens on earth and other important UFO info
Last Meals Death Row final meal requests from Texas DCJ
Darwin Awards Strange ways people have killed themselves
Stargate Chronicles Very informative UFO site by Clark McClelland
Blair Witch Project The website is almost as scary as the movie
Alfred.hitchcock.com Links to the best Hitchcock sites on the web
Hauntedhouse.com Find a haunted house near you for Halloween fun
UFO Folklore More UFO info than you can shake a stick at
Above Top Secret Uncovering government conspiracies (area 51)
L.A. Ghost Hunters Who ya gonna call? Spirit Quest
The Face On Mars Great "Cydonia" photos from Viking Orbiter
Mutual UFO Network Who ya gonna call when you find an alien? Become a UFO researcher yourself here as well!
Chupacabra Find out the scoop on the "Goat Sucker"
Caverns of Blood Scary games, graphics, and lots more spooky fun
Morbid Fact Du-Jour Grim, true fact changes daily, many more archived
Online Voodoo Doll Very creepy....send one to a friend, or enemy
The Cabinet of Dr. Casey Pure horror with many links
Vampires Homepage The sun never rises in this dark underworld
Find A Grave A guide to graves of noteworthy dead people
How Did They Die? Unusual deaths of many famous people
The Phobia List Afraid of school? You have didaskaleinophobia
Invisible Ink Books on ghosts and hauntings
Ghosts of Derby, England Lots of folklore stories about this haunted town
The Dark Side of the... SCOOBY DOO GANG!
Hauntings.com International Society for Paranormal Research
  LOTS more to come...



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